“The reality of our understanding comes from practicing and making things work”
Aly Ahmed (1998)




Why do we want to be SUSTAINABLE?

• It is an opportunity for us to better maintain our surroundings & improve the experience of our guests

• It is to help protect our environment- the very attraction upon which our success depends

•  For us to benefit from cost saving results

• To encourage a safer workplace for our staff

• For us to have more effective Marketing Tool

• And to provide an option for guests seeking an environmentally & socially responsible hotel in Seychelles.


Our Vision
To become the most environmentally friendly hotel in our category in the Seychelles

Our Objectives

Link with community (through employment /& friendly purchases)
Always research (for improvement in waste, water energy control)

Recruit & mould staff
Effectively record and promote events
Strongly nurture sustainable culture amongst ourselves & our community
Excel ourselves in the support of equal opportunities to all
Rise against all commercial and sexual exploitation of children & youth
Vigilantly prepared for any unforeseen eventualities
Enjoy the help of our staff and guest







La Reserve Hotel Praslin



La Reserve Hotel is committed to providing leisurely, engaging and educational experiences and services to all our guests and staff in a manner that has the least impact on our environment and promotes respect for the Seychellois people and their culture