Energy Conservation


• The Hotel is gradually replacing all bulbs with Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL).
• Though not always available the guest rooms are also being fitted with energy efficient water heaters.
• Swimming Pool pump is switched off at night
• All equipments are monitored, serviced and upgraded regularly


• La Reserve very strictly observes the global initiative Earth Hour every March by turning off, all non-essential lights at the resort for 1 hour.
• The Hotel is also considering going further by celebrating Eco-Hour every full moon.
• Guests are encouraged to switch off lights & A/C before leaving their room & re-use towels and linen for more than 1 day
• All A/C in offices are set on a fixed temperature to facilitate energy control


• Staff always ensures that A/C is switched off when cleaning guests’ rooms.
• Dryers , dishwashers and washing machines are operated with full loads only
• All departments use products that require less energy to maintain eg: coloured towels, sheets etc..