Waste Management

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle



• The Hotel sewage is connected to a central sewage treatment plant (STP) operated and maintained by the hotel to ensure that no raw sewage and grey water are discharged into the sea.
• The contents/oil from grease trap is segregated and separately disposed of
• All waste water goes to treatment plant and not directly to environment

• The Hotel very strictly operates in accordance with the Pesticides act and Trades Tax Regulations and can confirm that no “ Blacklisted” pesticides, fertilisers or herbicides are used at the resort
• All chemical purchases are recorded and controlled 
• Only biodegradable detergents that are compatible with wasteTreatment are purchased & used

• Products are bought in bulk and with less packaging
• As much as possible, disposable items are replaced by reusable ones (battery chargers, refillable soap ,shampoo containers, cloth laundry bags etc)
• Purchasing departure encourages vendors to keep their pallets, crates etc..


• Our gardeners ensure that all organic wastes such as food scraps, leaves, tree cuttings are composted for re-use